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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 23, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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i heard a big bang and heard what's happening? >> a man who survived the union bus tour bus crash speak was abc7 news. and students are stunned over a group calling themselves the white student union. >> and do you have too many credit cards in your wallet? we test out the card that let's you combine them into one. it's about to get wet and cold in the bay area this storm system is bringing rain and snow
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to the mountains. good evening, i'm auma dates. >> we want to get to sandhya patel for a look at this storm. >> this is a cold storm, let's take a look at it. we're seeing crowds and radar will be tracking this system here that is producing rain and snow in the pacific northwest. it comes in tomorrow, take a look at the time line here, spotty showers develop, 5:00 a.m. for the commute there will be wet spots and heavier rain starts to shift in about 9:00 a.m. into the north bay. what follows behind this system is a chill that will remind you of winter. some areas dropping below freezing and only gets colder, i'll be back with a detailed look at how this will impact
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your travel plans coming up. >> the sierra is anticipating a lot of snow from the storm it there could be another two feet of snow over the next few days. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live with more on how residents are preparing for this storm. wayne? >> reporter: in marin county they know their storm history. where i'm standing, in 2005, water was up to my waist, and that wasn't even an el nino year. welcome to the land of not if, but when. >> this happened before. >> that is brad mckenzie, he
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owns a bicycle shop and a flood gate. he came after the frood that surprised everyone after another in 1982. it was like the one in 1925. >> began with that same amount of rainfall, yes. >> this street would be underwater? >> yes. >> it makes inconveniences seem trivial. warning do not park your car during a king tide in the parking lot unless your interior looks like this. this toe truck driver expects to return. >> every year, the stam thing. >> speaking of high times, this was going on in this backyard. >> what is brittle from the drought, we're going to have a problem this winter. >> more than usual? >> we've had more this summer than in most winters. it's going to be catastrophic if el nino comes in as predicted.
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>> this came with a heavy heart. take the tree down or the tree can wipe out the house. >> 39 years ago, we moved in. this tree kept us cool in the summer, and keeps warm air in the winter and it's beautiful. i hate to lose it. >> the storm is on the way. best to be pro active and decisive. from marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. the cold weather begins to creep in, shelters are opening their doors to keep people warm. ed lee and local agencies announced an emergency winter shelter begins this wednesday. several shelters in san marin plan to open monday. when you get weather, take a photo or video and share it with us. and we just might use it on the air. >> we're hearing from one of the victims in the union square tour
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bus accident. we spoke with melanie woodrow. melanie? >> reporter: that is right, dan, you'll remember the surveillance video that this is about the air the bus started to barrel down the street. it and was just around that time that the doctor tells me he lost his wife. he says he missed a turn and found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. dr. congit, his wife and close friend were in this white bmw on friday the 13th. >> i heard a big bang, bang. like, oh, my god. i said what's happening? >> a tour bus driver lost control. the driver's attorney says he crashed into the cars in an attempt to stop. he says his brother passed out. . >> i was screaming for him.
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i said, you know, wake up, wake up, we have to get out because it's smoking. >> he says his brother broke his back. the doctor has arm and leg injuries. >> i cannot sleep at night. i'm always putting on my brakes every time i drive. >> he learned the bus was not registered with california public utilities commission and that chp never inspected it. >> very upsetting because it could have been prevented. >> reporter: he says he's thankful for the bus driver. >> he did his best to save lives. police in mendocino county have a man in custody. the adult son of a man whose parents were found murdered inside of a home. he was arrested in ukiah. laura anthony is live at the
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crime scene. >> reporter: investigators have been here most of the day, waiting for a search warrant to go inside and begin gathering evidence. the adult son is in custody and this morning a relative saw him here at the house with blood on his clothing. a husband and wife are dead and their 34-year-old son is a prime suspect now in custody. the parents were found inside of their rural home. >> deputies arrived at the scene and located two deceased subjects, a male, and a female, inside of the residence. >> the suspect is a 34-year-old, nathan alexander wilson. he lived in the twin hills area. this morning a relative found the bodies of david and adrienne wilson inside of the home with fatal stab wounds, nathan was
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seen by the relative near a shed with blood on his clothing but was gone by the time police arrived. the wilsons kept to themselves and lived in the home about two years. >> i'm flabbergasted and shocked. i'm so sad. >> very shocked this, is a sleepy community. everybody knows each other. we look out for each other. >> the wilson owned a construction business called wilson's way. tonight oakland police credit tips from the public in helping them making an arrest of a muralist. flowers and momentos mark the area where he was shot. his name is being withheld while the district attorney reviews the case. witnesses say just before the shooting he exchanged words with the killer. it's a crime scene close to home for santa clara police who are now investigating what they call an alarming crime.
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someone fired three shots at the police department. abc7 news was at the building as evidence technicians processed the scene. police say it happened on the south side of the building. no one was hurt. >> time is running out for victims of a massive valley fire to get government help. in person registration just ended a few minutes ago, but fire victims in lake, napa and sonoma counties can still apply until midnight. we have a link to the fema contract information line on our website the valley fire started in september and burned for just more than a month destroyed more than 1200 homes. so a lot of people are in need. thanksgiving come early for family in needs in the south bay. the service started distributing thanksgiving food boxes today. 4200 people will be getting boxes of food and turkeys over
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three days. the nonprofit started about 1700 turkeys short of the goal, so you still have a few more days to help out. if you'd like to donate click on give where you live on our website. still ahead at 6:00, a rescue operation in mount diablo state park. crews say one teen got very lucky. plus... >> i feel very sad. i've been coming here many, many years. it's going to change the character of the place. one city fighting to keep chain stores out of their neighborhoods. plus, are you in the market for a new home? how google can be your next mortgage broker. i'm michael
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a 14-year-old boy is recovering from minor cuts and scratches tonight after he slid down a ledge but this could have turned out differently. crews used a rope to rescue him. he climbed outside a railing and slid down an area where he got stuck. officials say he's lucky he didn't slide another 100 feet. that college caught him. the teenager injured his leg and is expected to be okay. >> the city of berkeley is facing a civil rights lawsuit over a black lives matter protest that turned right last year. take a look at video of the protest that resulted in some looting. abc7 news was there as police
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used tear gas to break up the crowd. some demonstrators say they were being peaceful when officers started to hit them. cindy pinkus says she was hit in the head with a baton. >> i stopped to help someone off the street and i was stooped down, an officer struck me on the back of the head. i went to the hospital and received staples in my head. >> two injured journalists are suing the city of berkeley. a peninsula city will debate whether it should put brakes on chain stores in the downtown area. san carlos believes the quaint charm of laurel street is being threatened. some. >> about 100 shops and restaurants makeup san carlos. there is concern that major chains will want to move in, displacing smaller shops that can't afford the rent.
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so the city council is going through an ordinance. >> it's a business that is about ten stores or more in the united states and has a standardize add peer yens or way of doing business. >> several businesses have to move out so the landlord can do renoations. nina nguyen and her employees have been here 20 years. >> i feel sad. because i feel at home here. that is the reason i would like to. >> is it happening overnight? no. the justification of a beautiful street, laurel. >> some shoppers bemoan how it changes the district. and the owner of plaza forest
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believes small chains do benefit small shops. >> san carlos is a beautiful town but doesn't have much foot traffic. so i think bringing the chain stores will bring more people into town. >> in san carlos, david louie, abc7 news. a fixture on the san francisco water front is about to disappear. today is the last day for sin bad's restaurant. the port of san francisco is evicting the restaurant. today, it's the end of the line. tomorrow, crews come to tear apart the restaurant. >> google is now a licensed mortgage broker, google compare compares mortgages to help users find the best home loan. results will be fail toured to their specific needs. google plans to expand into
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other states. well, abc7 news i-team learned every two weeks a cyclist crashes in mount diablo. >> why would it have four times more crashes compared to mount tamalpais? we interviewed several cyclists who have been injured in crashes. >> everybody had numerous situations and has been passed on a blind curve. a fatality is waiting to happen. >> i took the case to the state parks chief to ask what is taking so long? the answers to all of the questions tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. especially if it's a simple solution. >> right. absolutely. oo. if you don't have a ticket to the big warriors game it's going to cost you.
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warriors are poised to make history and they're 15 and 0 right now. something two other teams have done. if beating lakers they'll open their season by winning 16 games in a row. stub hub says tickets are going for $250. spectators at court side expected to pay $4,000 per seat. we'll know from curry from coach walton will be there. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. big storm coming up. >> that is right. we're going to see the cold storm coming in. timing is right for those of you heading out of town. right now, tracking clouds and a
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storm dumping good snow in the sierra nevada. winter storm warning for west slopes of the sierra. on the other side, how much snow well, some of the is going to drop down to 2500 feet. it means you will be prepared for major travel delays. and it could drop a couple inches of snow. so get out of town a little bit early, keep this in mind. wednesday travel scattered showers with brief down pours. it's going to be chilly and breezy. a good idea to take a sweater or heavy coat and 2500 feet for lowest level of the snow there. snow levels could go lower
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towards wednesday morning. now, right now from our camera, you're looking at the financial district. temperatures low to mid-50s and you'll notice it was cooler today, that is because it was. it's going to get colder tomorrow, temperatures low 50s from santa rosa to concord and livermore. gentle winds now, that is going to change. wind gusts could be 30-45 miles per hour. showers linger wednesday morning and frigid mornings thursday and friday. tomorrow morning, scattered light showers. pockets of heavy rain start to move in at 8:00 a.m. shifts a little bit at 10:00 a.m. and we're going to continue to see the heavy rain moving south ward at noon time, behind that, towards tuesday night into wednesday morning's
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commute, mount hamilton may see snow, possibly going down to 2500 feet so stay tuned. but by 9:00 most of those showers will be out of here. rainfall total anywhere from a quarter to half an inch and it's going to be briefly heavy. tomorrow morning, temperatures low 40s to low 50s, tomorrow afternoon, you'll need to make sure you have rain coats or an umbrella. temperatures will be in the 50s except for lake port, 48 degrees and will be windy. with watch out for king tide causing possible flooding. accu-weather forecast, we're going to go from wet, windy, cold conditions, keeping it cold to showers wednesday, chill is with us for thanksgiving morning, and going into black friday morning as well. afternoon highs only into the 50s and a slight chance of showers saturday, ama and dan.
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>> we like our showers. >> we should point out to you, you can track weather on your smart phone, it's free on apple's app store or google play. you can see what sandhya is talking about. the storms begin to move in. you can get the seven-day forecast and all kinds of information on the app, keeping you updated on the weather forecast any time you wish. >> that is true. >> coming up next, a special holiday visit and delivery for those in the east bay w
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the national presidential turkey flew the coop and landed in washington, d.c. this afternoon. this afternoon, the turkey will be pardoned in a white house ceremony wednesday. tonight and tomorrow, they're relaxing in a five star hotel. the birds are four months old, raised at foster farms ranch in modesto. >> war yirs for jason thompson teamed up with oakland police to help put feed on family tables this thanksgiving. thompson and officers helped get the meals ready. thompson hopes to use the status to help people in need.
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>> we can get all of the activities, you know on the court and we know where we came from, knowing what it was to struggle at sometime in our lives, to be able to bless families in need. >> thompson started a foundation to distribute healthy food after he lost a young cousin to heart disease in 2010. >> very nice job. >> yes. >> and a new group at uc berkeley getting a lot of attention and creating concern on campus. >> testing out the coin card that promises to do all of the work of your credit and debit cards combined. >> two fishing buddies make a big test off the santa cruz county coast. what they say it took to bring
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in the last 48 hours, uc berkeley students have been engaged in conversation with a group that calls themselves the white student union. their existence has created a lot of controversy.
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>> reporter: the uc berkeley student association is troubled by this, a facebook page created two days ago. since then, the white student union received 900 likes. >> i don't think it's a real organization. i think someone is playing a big joke on it. thee call their facebook page to support and promote the interests of students of european decent. >> the purpose is to make fun of significant racial struggles. >> a search shows 30 of these white student unions represented at other yufts, including ucla, uc berkeley officials believe this is the work of an group and the university said it honors first amendment rights they don't endorse this attempt to create conflict. this new group points out whites
7:31 pm
represent 29% of under graduates at cal and insist they're a minority group. but according to admissions number, they're the second largest group on campus after asians. still, some white students understand how some may feel marginalized. >> feeling like you don't belong anywhere. whose side do you take? >> some students want the page reported. >> people should be reporting the page. i'm sure uc berkeley doesn't want to be associated with a white student union. >> uc berkeley called the message intimidating and hostile to students of color on campus. the u.s. state department issued a world wide terror alert because of threats. brusselss is on the highest alert following the terrorist attacks in paris ten days ago. schools and subway stations have chosed as a precaution.
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authorities in brussels say the search for the key suspect in the paris attacks has been unsuccessful. they have arrested 21 people in raids over the past few days. french police found an explosive belt. they say it was discovered in the place that fugitives cell phone was localized on the day of the attack. a street cleaner found the belts in a south paris suburb. the family of the 14-year-old muslim boy arrested after taking a homemade clock to a texas school says he deserves $15 million for being mistreated. attorneys sent letters demanding $10 million from the city of and he took his homemade clock to school and a teacher mistook it for a bomb. the teenager's family moved to
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qatar where a private foundation is paying for his education. a big health care deal failed to impress investors today as stocks closed slightly lower. the dow closing at 7, 792 points. the nasdaq closing at 5102 and s and p down more than two points. pfizer announced they will combine and bring blockbuster drugs under the same company. the merger, if approved would be worth about $160 billion. shuttle drivers for several silicon valley companies like apple and ebay have a new contract. the 200 drivers for compass transportation voted on a new three-year contract that includes better wages, and paid holidays for the first time. >> speaking of holidays, black friday around the corner, credit cards are starting to get a work
7:34 pm
out. if you're starting to feel like you have too many there is good news. a tiny gadget developed here in the bay area promises to thin out your bulging wallet. jonathan blook takes it for a test drive. >> what is in your wallet? >> i probably have ten. >> 9 and 5. >> is that 20 cards? >> i have more in my purse. >> a start up promises to solve this problem. >> all cards are inside of the coin. >> at the time they had seven employees. >> here we have a software department. >> but thousands of would be customers. >> ordered maybe two years ago. but this kept getting it back. >> we started to produce a thousand devices. >> two years later, coin 2.0 is a different story. coin says it's shipped 200,000
7:35 pm
of these. >> it works. >> it worked. >> it works. >> safe to say it usually works. >> here in this lab they have wanted just about every kind of terminal on the planet. if you work here, your risks are getting a workout. there is a lot going on in that card. it has to know when it's being sliced. >> a coin only puts data when you're swiping. >> that means some readers won't work, but engineers could fix that with a software update. >> at $100, it isn't cheap but they rolled out a rewards program and say it could pay for itself. two bay area man have quite
7:36 pm
story to tell and pictures to back it up. they fought to haul in the shark using a rotted wheel and a 50 pound line. the men told the says the shark is cut up and waiting to be grilled. they say it tastes like sword fish. >> that is something else. >> huh. >> and if you get a drone this holiday season, there are new rules owners need to know about. ♪
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♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound ♪ remember this rendition of president obama's "amazing grace"? the president surprised everyone
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while breaking into song. the white house and church gave permission for the recording's use. >> he can sing beautifully. >> the growing popularity of drones means increased security of recreational users and hobbyists. >> how regular haters are moving to require the registration of small crafts. >> and they're moving fast. and they better. it's almost certain the proposed registration will happen for all drones weighing slightly more than half a pound but will continue to have a wide variety of drones to choose from. drones come m every shape, size, and price range. and many are sold in toy stores. you can expect many more taking to the skies in years ahead. >> they're cheaper and easier to maintain. and they don't run on gas.
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>> last year, there were 175 incidents of drones flying in restricted air space across the country. the faa says it will help go after those that won't follow the rules. current regulations require those who fly for a hobby or recreational purpose to stay below 400 feet and keep their drone in their eye sight. you must notify air traffic control. this year, the popular toy is the falcon that retails for $110. rc flying quad copter blends the thrill of flying with a way to connect to social media. some come with cameras that
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enable you to stream livido on to your phone. >> it stays on your smart device and you can up load it to your favorite social media site. >> you can get a thermal imaging camera from flare. it can be mounted to replace your regular one. >> you can use it to find a child or pet. >> it retails for $1499. and talk about technology, some programmed to never fly near airports or above 400 feet. now, i have a link to a recommendation on drones. you can check it out on our website. just look under 7 on your side. >> thanks michael. >> forget glafrping. this is different. >> yes. the new
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kimmel live. he is celebrating the new movie, and guests include direct yir and actors harrison ford and carrie fisher. a growing number of bay area women are spending weekends camping. reservations are up 20% over five years, and many of those campers are professional women, learning to pack gear and pitch tents in a trend that is far from glamping. a few hours ago, these women didn't know each other, now, they've bonded over the call of the wild, and a game called cookie face. it's all womens' camping weekend
7:47 pm
organized by a bay area group called trail maven. sasha cox is the founder. >> this is a place to get the hands on experience so you can go forward and do it yourself. >> reporter: all have you to bring is clothes. trail maidens provides gear, food, and know how. >> when men are around they feel inclination to just take over. so when it's just women, it makes it easier to step up and take initiative. >> reporter: be ready to have fun but be warned it is not a luxury experience. >> i would not think of this as glamping. we use nice tents you will set up yourself, we use cook ware, you will cook and do clean up. >> reporter: some are experienced and brushing up on skills. >> the first time i've been camping is with trail mavens.
7:48 pm
>> reporter: it started a year and a half ago, organizing 26 trips driving distance from the bay area, prices start from $345. >> doesn't get better than this. >> no. >> reporter: this adventure is at big sur. >> spectacular. >> the trips range in difficulty. many sell out. trail mavens snow shoot in the sierra. other bay area businesses are helping women get comfortable in the wild. sports stores report a greater quality and quantity of sales by women. extra warm sleeping bags and backpacks that are sized and shaped for women. nature loving women seem to make
7:49 pm
fast friends. >> conversations from around a camp fire or long hike are a lot different and a lot more substantial than a conversation you get at a cocktail party. >> getting is also just plain fun. >> i'm exhausted and filthy and have eight new friends. it's everything i was expecting and more. >> reporter: it's so popular, people are flying in around the country to make the trip. >> that looks fun. it's super popular. >> if you're going to do camping you want to bundle up. >> and bring your umbrella. >> that is right. you'll need the umbrella. clouds or radar will be tracking that storm in the wee hours of the morning. we'll have winter weather advisories up to the north and southeast, but winter storm warnings for the sierra. if you're doing traveling here is what you can expect.
7:50 pm
getting away early, 41 in tahoe. 51 yosemite. we're expecting rain in monterey. 57 degrees down south. it's going to be dry. los angeles, san diego, 67 degrees and you'll get the share of the storm towards wednesday. here in the bay area tomorrow, it's going to be chilly. upper 40s to 50s and windy tomorrow afternoon. and scattered showers continue. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast. more showers for wednesday morning when many of you are heading out of town. if you're staying in town, prepare for the chill. we're serving your meal, chilly, freezing cold thursday, friday morning and saturday another slight chance of showers. >> stay next to the oven. >> yes. there you go. >> good point. >> thank you. >> okay. it is on. a big, big night for the warriors. >> they're so exciting. >> everybody in the bay area is talking about it. the warriors hoping to make
7:51 pm
history tomorrow night. trying to become the first team to win 16 straight games to start the regular season.
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7:54 pm
there is nothing like making history with your teammates. with their so cal rival, the lakers. this team has the deepest bench in the league and an interim head coach in luke walton and steph curry knows what i'm talking about. >> you never know if i'm going to be in this position again. we have a great group to be able to do something that hasn't been done in the history of the nba. and all of the great teams and players in this league, that is special. you want to take advantage of the opportunities you have. >> when you go down in the
7:55 pm
books, for something positive is meaningful. talking about gms to put in the history books is amazing. >> i don't know where to start. let's go with defense this week them. allow the most-rushing yards yesterday since 1978 niners. 255 yards to be exact. four tackles led to 508 total yards of offense. you're not going to win if you're not attacking on defense. this is a big boy league. you can't play in the nfl or may be looking for work. >> so me, it's execution. i mean, if every guy does their job, it's defense to be beat but
7:56 pm
there is a breakdown somewhere on the plays and that is what we've been struggling to do this year. >> don't tackle, being afraid to miss the tackle. be more attacking. and i felt like that is where our problems were, you know? we weren't, i mean, go get them. >> he looks defeated. raiders offense pulled a no show yesterday and are flirting with another season of not making the most season. raiders came up with 214 total yards. and both, season lows. derek carr, no touchdowns and murray ran for 28 yards. can't win if you don't score touchdowns in the nfl. >> potential doesn't win games, okay? it's a bottom line business.
7:57 pm
i'm disappointed we didn't do better. and we'll make sure demands go through the roster and through the football team that each is being held accountable. >> kristin mccaffrey returned three tickoffs including this 98 yarder. he also extended a record of nine games over 100 yards rushing with 192 and set a record with 389 all-purpose yards. and a second with 1546 yards rushing. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by bank of the west. they can turn around here and
7:58 pm
it's just unbelievable. >> what an exciting way to start. >> we're joking they're going to win all and they might now. >> let's get through the next one. >> join us tonight at 9:00. camping out for black friday, the people planning to stand in line through thanksgiving, at 9:00. >> then, at 11:00 bicyclists in danger, the decades-old documents showing park officials failed to take an important safety precaution. dan noyes has the investigation. >> and here is tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 it's part one of "dancing with the stars i" followed by "castle" and abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> i had no idea when i got into that car to go to new york that i was going to be quitting. i got on the ramp, and i was like, "two hours, two hours to go. "feelin' good. crank some tunes. should have peed before i left." >> michael, get to the good part. >> okay, so. get up to building. >> mm-hmm. >> revolving door broken. >> ooh. >> so i have to take the normal door.


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